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Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is now part of the construction process and MD Construction aims to build all its projects in a sustainable manner. The team has the expertise to analyse the implications this has on our construction methods, materials and how the building performs once completed.

More clients are demanding that their projects are completed to a BREEAM rating of ‘very good’ or above, with residential schemes having to adhere to ever-higher Code for Sustainable Homes standards. MD Construction can provide options and solutions for clients in this field, and quickly respond to changing requirements and legislation.

The Environment

The environmental impact of the building is tracked from initial concept through completion, and on into everyday use. It can involve replacing raw, natural materials with recycled content, reducing energy use and pollution during construction, and ensuring waste is minimised and recycled.

MD Construction will take account of the following factors as part of the process:

  • The amount of waste generated in construction
  • The amount of water used by the completed structure
  • The procurement of materials from sustainable sources
  • The amount of CO2 emitted by the building once complete
  • Effects upon the local ecology