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MD Construction along with Specialist Supported Living has helped a the Bradford Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied charity (PHAB) replace their clapped out minibus by raising funds through a crowding funding appeal.

Bradford Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied charity (PHAB) had to scrap their 20-year old minibus because it was constantly breaking down.

An appeal and crowdfunding page was set up to try and rise £20,000, but after several months the coffers had only swelled by around £3,500, mainly through donations.

That was until recently when Mick Dunbar, of MD Construction, and Chriss Musson, of Specialist Supported Living Ltd, stepped into the breach and reached out to partners to see what could be done.

“They were brilliant and helped raise the difference so we could buy a three-year-old, 17-seater Ford Transit which we got from Trust Ford, in Castleford.

“It has come from somewhere in Newcastle originally and has had only one pervious owner and is in immaculate condition.

“It’s only done 30,000 miles and will last us 10 to 15 years. It’s a godsend,” said Bradford PHAB chairman Akbar Khan.

“It means we can get out and reach other people who would struggle to get to our weekly meetings. It also means that any fundraising we do now can go straight to covering our activities.

“This help from the guys means such a lot. We also want to thank PRS Printers, of Bradford, who did the livery for us free of charge,” Mr Khan added.

Bradford PHAB is a totally voluntary organisation which was founded in 1972 and is wholly reliant upon raising all its own funds. It has around 40 regular members and 10 volunteers.

It has a large group of children and young people both with and without disabilities and provides a wide range of activities for them to access. The participants are transported to and from the club each week at a community centre at Mappa Building, in Coates Street.

Last year the club organised its regular weekly youth club activities as well as pantomime visits, a visit to Flamingo Lane, film making activity, dance and music workshops, swimming, sports and recreation activities and fund raising events including a charity meal, party, bag pack, auctions and fun days.

It also provides supervision and support to the children and young people and offers a break from everyday life with a chance to mix with and make new friends.

Mr Dunbar, of MD Construction said: “PHAB Club is a great charity. I’d like to thank all the employees of MD Construction. Without the team’s continued hard work we would not have been in a position to help.”

Chris Musson of Specialist Supported Living Ltd added: “Phab Club is a fantastic charity enabling those with more challenges than most to play an inclusive and “every day” part in their local community.

“Their passion in supporting children and young adults with a range of challenging disabilities is inspirational. We are delighted to be involved and want to thank all those who donated from friends and family and our partners at MD Construction Ltd and Triple Point PLC without whom this would not have been possible.”

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