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Construction Health & Safety

Our teams are trained to understand that safety is more than just a priority it is a way of conducting ourselves on a daily basis. This allows us to guide our team in the safest methods and conduct on all sites.

Each day we plan safety into each project meeting to ensure our own high safety standards are meet, monitored and adhered to.

It is our policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure we provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, subcontractors, visitors and any others who may come into contact with our business’ activities.

The implementation of our Health & Safety Policy will be achieved through the following:

  • Compliance with the Health & Safety Arrangements
  • Compliance with the job specific Health & Safety Plan
  • Strong leadership and management
  • Training programmes
  • Site inspections and audits
  • Support from professional managers and specialists
  • Consultation with employees
  • Providing support and assistance to our sub-contractors

MD Construction is constantly striving to meet and excel at Industry Best Practice in health, safety, well-being and environmental matters.